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Ceiling Filter
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Classification F5 (EN779)
Weight 630 gr/m2
Normal Thickness 22-25 mm
Air Velocity 0.25 m/s.
Air Flow Rate 900 m3/h
I.P.D. 25 Pa
F.P.D. 450 Pa
Avg. Arrestance 98% Avg.
Dust Holding Cap.
450 gr/m2
Max Temperature
Upto 120° C
Bonding Process
Flame resistance
F-1 DIN 53438
Progressively structure media made from synthetic thermo bonded fibers - adhesive coated in depth. Polyester reinforcement scrim on the air exit side

The FILTRONIX 630G Ceiling Filter Media is a high quality diffusion filter media, made from 100% branded polyester fiber and progressively structured with reinforced backing specifically designed (full depth adhesive impregnated) for use as final filtration and diffusion media in spray booths of auto assembly plants. It is used with confidence at auto assembly plants worldwide and in India. It ensures zero paint damaging particles and uniform air distribution in the spray booth


Glass Fiber
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Classification G2 (EN779)
Weight 300 g/m2
Normal Thickness 70 ~ 100 mm (3.5'')
Air Velocity 1.3~1.7 m/s
Air Flow Rate 4500 m3/h
I.P.D. 25 Pa
F.P.D. 250 Pa
Avg. Aresstance 69.40%
Dust Holding Capacity 760 gr/m2
Max Temperature Upto 350° C
Bonding Process F-1 DIN 53438
Flame resistance 250 Pa

The FILTRONIX PA-100 is a paint overspray collection media, protecting equipment & environment from paint contamination. Monofilament glass fiber mat with progressive structure and laminate backing on air leaving side, making the product rigid and stable. High paint holding capacity with minimum airflow arresistance.


Pre Filter Media
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Filtration Class G3 G4
Weight 200 gr/m2 300 gr/m2
Normal Thickness 12~15 mm 12~15 mm
Air Velocity 0.55 m/s
0.45 m/s
AirFlowrate 2050 m3/h
1610 m3/h
I.P.D. 15 Pa
15 Pa
F.P.D. 200 Pa 200 Pa
Avg. Arrestance
Dust Holding Cap. 280 gr/m2
320 gr/m2
Max Temperature Upto 110° C
Upto 110° C
Flame resistance
F-1 DIN 53438
550 g/m²

Applied to many industries such as pollution controlling, Paint shop, public construction, air-condition, electronic pharmacy, food and so on.


The main function of this series is that collecting the coarse dust to prevent high pressure air from fulfilling and from blocking the separator of ceiling.  The size and type of filter depend on structure of paint cabin.  Washing and to be changed from time to time can last the working life.





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